About this book

A Southwick Century was published in book form in 1999 by the Southwick Society and Southwick Methodist Church, soon after Doris Randall's 100th birthday.

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The Southwick Society is a local amenity society formed in 1973 to promote interest in Southwick and to work for the enhancement and protection of its environment. As part of its work it has restored the 15th century Manor Cottage in Southwick Street where it has established a local heritage centre.

Southwick Methodist Church is referred to in the book many times, Doris Randall being not only a life-long member, but also coming from a family which was involved in its establishment many years before.

Drawings and photographs are from the personal collection of the author and her family. It has not been possible to trace all the original copyright holders, but their contributions are gratefully acknowledged.

A Southwick Century