Doris Randall (ne Frampton)

Doris Eleanor Randall was born on February 23rd 1899. Her name then was Frampton - her parents were John James Frampton and Edith Mary Frampton, ne Boyling. She and her parents were born in Southwick and lived there all their lives.

On her Mother's side, her grandfather was Captain Thomas Boyling, a Master Mariner, who sailed from Shoreham Harbour. Her father was Secretary of the Shoreham & District Waterworks Company, eventually working for Brighton Corporation when they took over the Company. Both her father, John James Frampton, and her Uncle, John Boyling, were, at one time, members of Southwick Parish Council, and were Councillors when the Urban District was formed, John Boyling becoming Chairman.

Doris's parents played a significant part in the work of the Methodist Church (they both remembered the Albion Street Church being built when they were only five years old) and Doris herself, with her husband and family, has carried on this tradition. Her interest in the Church, and in Southwick as a whole, has never waned.

She wrote the first part of her Memoirs when she was 89 years old, the second part when she was 98. She celebrated her 100th Birthday when this book went to press and this Internet version was published a year later. Doris died on 10th January 2002, just a few weeks before her 103rd birthday.

Doris in 1988